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Modernizing your operations and customer experience in a digital world

Why is customer experience important for metal manufacturing? A business’s relationship with its customer is about much more than products and services they offer. Delivering a simple, clear, and efficient experience from the time they begin considering a purchase to buying a product or service is necessary to gain your customers trust and keep it.

How do you get there – build a foundation

Start by creating a 360° view of your customer and operations by digitizing core processes. Introduce workflow and automation to reduce manual work in your operations. Add field services for real-time visibility. Introduce more self-service capabilities for customers and employees, customers love to be able to do what they need themselves! Manage your information (data) to better match customer needs with business capabilities.

Creating 360° view of your customer

Give your employees and decision makers important information. Bring Inventory, purchasing, production, sites and customer information together. If you are a Salesforce user for example, leverage your existing data and licenses with our free Ayasa SMS Starter Pack app. It’s important to collaborate in the same place you do work – save time from typing emails.

Introduce self-service capabilities for customers and employees

Try self-service for your customers such as voice bot for Order Status, Inventory availability, or Delivery coordination functions. Use call center solution like Amazon Connect to add personalized touch for your customers. Smart devices for your employees to retrieve and enter information into your systems. Explore way to get feedback from your customer in right channels.

Single source of truth for decision making and running your business

Have a business intelligence strategy, be able to run your business with confidence; be able to answer your customers and stakeholders right away. Combine your reporting from various CRM, financial, production, and HR systems to help you identify trends and chronic issues. Dashboards to visualize utilization of your machines, inventory levels, purchase information, and financial information real time.

Getting started with your journey

Perform a discovery to understand current state of operations and customer service for your business. Survey your employees and customers to understand what they value. Based on this you can develop and understanding of your digitization and data needs and possible gaps. This will allow you to pick improvements with high ROI and benefits.

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