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Amazon Connect & AWS Lambda… a powerful combination to deliver great Customer Experiences

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

If you haven’t heard, Amazon sells contact center as a service (cCaaS) solution called Amazon Connect that integrates nicely with other AWS services to create fluid customer service solutions. Amazon Connect ability to integrate LEX and AWS Lambda means a powerful array of possibilities can be delivered for your customer contact experience.  Amazon Connect is also relatively inexpensive to deploy with its pay-as-you-go basis pricing.

Let your customers talk to you… even before you talk to them

When you call a customer service phone number, what is the one thing that aggravates you the most? For me, it’s the “press 1 for large order, 2 for delivery, 3 for maintenance…”. Would you rather have your customers just say what they are calling about as if in a conversation and be able to route them to their desired information or to a live agent. Well, now you can. Amazon Connect users can use Amazon Lex, same type of technology behind Amazon Alexa, to say look up delivery dates and be texted that information or ask to be connected to the last person they talked to without knowing who they were.

Provide an intimate experience for your customers

A recent customer interview conducted by a finished lubricants supplier towards helping them improve their customer experience revealed that customers would like a level of “customer intimacy” in their interactions with the supplier. Further questioning reveled that many of the customers feel disjointed and disengaged if they must call for an issue and the phone call started with a list of menus’ that must be read through entirely before you can make a choice. This may seem like a small improvement, however by adding “sweet spot” technologies during call interactions can be one way to improve the range of customer services options you may provide to your customer.

Where to start

Do a little exploration! Setup an Amazon Pilot for your organization and build some MVP contact center scenarios with emphasis on defining the right customer experience and blending that with Amazon Connect type of technology. Be sure to get assistance to help you accelerate and invest in user research to take full advantage of AWS ecosystem.

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