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Stop wasting time and money - Automate with free Steel Management Starter Pack

You are probably aware that raw material makes up the majority of a roll formed part cost. An average roll formed part is comprised of 50% to 70% raw material cost. Everyone is concerned that the price of raw materials and parts are fluctuating and keeping prices in control for customers is important.  Thus its critical to be able to manage your inventory effectively in context of what is happening with your sales, production, and service activities between customer, vendors, and your employees.  Introducing workflow and automation to manage your business will help you overcome challenges.

Key challenges for growing manufacturers:

  • How to improve lead times to cut down on operating costs and to increase customer satisfaction.

  • Inability to quickly understand materials and parts on order, available, or reserved.

  • How to get the desired results from their employees. Do we have the right efficiencies, tools and procedures in place?

  • No single source of truth - information locked in multiple tools such as spreadsheets, customer folders, account notes and comments.

  • How can I improve my receiving process to identify damaged good, credit or replacement process or impact on my production.


Our goal at Solution Huddle is to work with you to create efficient and effective workflows, improve managerial and employee relationships, and maintain customer satisfaction. We work with you to digitize and digitalize your business process to allow you to spend time to make better decision in sales, procurement, production, and customer services business area.

To that end we have developed our Ayasa Steel Management Solution - Starter Pack for Salesforce to allow you to start building a 360 view of your customer and operations.  Ayasa SMS allows you to keeps track of all your raw materials, Purchase Orders, Customer Jobs, and Material list information inside of Salesforce.  Track and trace your customer interactions from sale though production and on to service.  Accelerate your sales and production planning efficiency with live inventory, customer jobs, and usage information.  View ordered and incoming inventory, what is physically available on site, what is available at partners warehouse, and the ability to track assigned and actual usages to track the consumption of steel inventory give your organization quick decision making capabilities to give customers order lead time.

Ayasa Steel Management Solution.png
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